Shalan Alhamwy

Violinist and composer. Studied classical and Arabic music in the Damascus conservatory. Shalan masters both genres playing and composing. Wrote and arranged music for a plenty of orchestras, ensembles, singers, films and TV shows.
Plays among others with GFVP (Gent Folk Violin Project), Olla vogala, EPO (Expat Philharmonic Orchestra), Jiraan and Damast Duo.
Former member of: The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, The National Orchestra of Arabic Music and Damascus Chamber Orchestra.

David Van Ransbeeck

Belgian-Polish violinist David Van Ransbeeck has got into the world of jazz, folk and improvisation after years of mainly classical wanderings. He toured throughout Europe in productions such as” Hans Zimmer Live “,” The Godfather Live “and” Night of the Proms ”, in areas such as the Sportpaleis (Antwerp) and the Ahoy (Rotterdam). Some of the artists with whom David shared the stage include Ennio Morricone; Hooverphonic; John Miles; Hiromi; … One of the career highlights from David until now was the musical “Le Magicien d’Oz” at the Palais de Congres in Paris, where he performed as a concertmaster, David is also a violinist in the band “Mostly Owl” (Hungarian inspired alternative folk) and the Oikos string quartet He also writes music himself .

Jhomayra Elizabeth Cevallos Ordóñez

Jhomayra obtained her Bachelor degree with the Benigno Malo Prize. In addition, she obtained an artistic diploma in the Violines Por La Paz competition at Escuela de Violìn Greco in Quito (Ecuador). She studied with Leonid and Lana Greco, Tadashi Maeda, Gregor Monlun, and Santy Abril. Played in the Art Ensemble Orquesta Sinfònica Juvenil as concertmaster there. In 2012 she performed solo with the Orchestra Festival Internacional de Musica Ciudad de las Flores in Ambato (Ecuador), and in 2016 with the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra. That same year she came to Belgium to study at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent with Alessandro Moccia, Pascal Crismer and Ann Cnop. She earned her Master of Arts in the Performing Music specialization. Jhomayra plays in the Kortrijk Symphony Orchestra as a concertmaster.

Norbert Makula

Norbert was born in Prešov, Slovakia. He studied violin with Dirk van de Velde and Olga Zolotareva. Studied for 5 years at the Kunsthumaniora in Ghent and starts the conservatory of Ghent from this year. Plays both classical and gypsy music, and has shared the stage with many eminent Slovakian and Belgian musicians.

Anouk Sanczuk

Anouk studied at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles for jazz violin with Françoise Derissen. In 2015 she was admitted at the ArteZ conservatorium in Arnhem for her master’s in jazz & pop music and took lessons with Michael Gustorff and Jasper LeClercq. In her final year, she went to Erasmus and had the opportunity to attend the Didier Lockwood school. In June 2018 she obtained her Masters in Jazz and Light Music. Anouk played and plays in various projects at home and abroad and participated in several projects with: Kora Strings with N’faly Kouyaté, Symphonic orchestra ‘t Muziek Frascati, Transpiradanza, Jiraan and Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk.

Mohamad Aldouri

Mohamad is a professional violinist originally from Iraq, where he graduated from Music Institute of Baghdad in 2003 and Music of Arts at Baghdad University in 2007. He played in National Iraqi Symphony Orchestra between years 2004-2010 and he was a part of orchestras such as a Iraq Youth Orchestra and Maastricht Youth Orchestra. He has collaborated with famous singers such as a Majed Al Mohandes and Melhem Zein (2011 and 2017, Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam) and has been often performing concerts in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Currently he is studying his Master degree at the Royal Conservatory of Liège in Belgium.

Hendrike Scharmann

Hendrike is a multi instrumentalist, violinist, composer based in Brussels who is active in different genres in music. With a strong musical background in classical-, jazz, pop and world music the main focus of her compositions is improvisation and creation. Bands: BAUM, Pablo’s Eye, Huma. She studied jazz at conservatory, in Leuven and Antwerp. Hendrike traveled to India, Algeria and Palestine where she discovered those musical traditions. In her solo project called ‘BAUM‘ she mixes those different influences.

Graciela Zaera

Graciela is originally from Spain with half Uruguayan roots. Her musical path has crossed many different musical styles: classical, tango, pop, alternative rock, blues, bluegrass, singer songwriting and world music like south American folklore, balkan, rumba or even flamenco. Played with money bands and ensemble inside and outside Belgium.

Katrien van Remortel

Katrien studied classical and jazz and is active in folk and world music. She shared the stage with Follia!, Wouter Vandenabeele, Daithi Rua, Issa Sow, Djamel, The Ministers of the North Sea, and many others. In recent years she has mainly focused on classical Arabic repertoire, as a permanent viola player for the Brussels collective Nagham Zikrayat. She also participated in studio recordings for various types of music, from soundtracks to impro, and recently in the recording of the successful debut by Tamino Fouad.

Liesbeth Lambrecht

Liesbeth is a violinist and viola player. She played in the National Orchestra of Belgium and the Flemish Opera. In contemporary music she plays in the “Tiptoe Company” ensemble. She is now also known outside the classical world: Aranis (acoustic chamber rock), Dutch group Flairck, progressive rock group “Isildurs Bane”, Present (Belgian progressive rock group) and Olla Vogala. She played tango in “Quinteto Astor” and “Orquesta Tipica Belgica”. In addition to these regular ensembles, she is a much sought-after freelancer in all the aforementioned genres.

Marijn Thissen

Marijn studied at the Ghent conservatory with Michael Kugel. In the same period, she played with the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra of Flanders. In 2004 she obtained her master’s degree in viola with distinction and the following year her aggregate diploma for music. Since 2008 she has been a violin and viola teacher at the Municipal Academy of Music and Word in Menen. Marijn is active in both the classical and the non-classical music scene. She has been on pop, folk and world stages with groups such as Balthazar, Sarah Ferri, Kadril, Ambrozijn, etc. Currently she is a viola player with Oberon String Quintet, Cordette Quartet, Askanyi, De Valse Teefjes and Room 13 orchestra.

Vincent Werbrouck

Vincent studied cello at Ghent Conservatory with Judith Ermert and completed his studies with Geert De Bièvre at the Lemmens Institute. He attended masterclasses with among others, Justus Grimm, Benjamin Glorieux and Ernst Reijseger. In addition to teaching at the academies of Lokeren and Ghent (De Poel), he plays as a freelancer in numerous group with different genres: Room 13 Orchestra, the band of Jan Verstraeten, and he mixes cello and electronics in his own project “Yellow Jungle”.

Mieke Delanote

Mieke graduated from the Lemmens Institute in Leuven and the Music Conservatory in Zwolle (the Netherlands). She played in Belgian orchestras such as the National Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Antwerp, the Flemish Opera, the Opera Royale de Liège. She was a member from the Chapelle de Lorraine chamber orchestra, the salon quartet Pomme d’Amour, the cello quartet Sul Ponticello, the tango quartet Libertango, the cello quartet 4 4 celli. She studied free improvisation in Switzerland with cellist David Darling and Mary Knysh. Mieke teaches cello in the music academies of Tessenderlo and Herentals.

Katrien Bos

After many happy years with her violin, Katrien chose her great love at the age of 16: the double bass. At the Rotterdam conservatory she studied classical music and became inspired by the Argentine Tango. She has been performing for years with groups such as Wè-nun Henk and Clochard (folk), Quinteto Astor (Argentine Tango), Zannemie en de bende (children’s theater), Raskat muziektheater and others. She also likes to write her own music, inspired by European folk repertoire, Argentine tango, the many possibilities of the double bass and contemporary sound experiment.

Photos: Katrien Bos